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The Dublin Enterprise Zone’s success

‌Significant investment which has taken place in hard and soft infrastructure by Fingal County Council, IDA Ireland and the private sector over the last 20 years has meant the Dublin Enterprise Zone has become a magnet for international and indigenous companies. 

These stakeholders are committed to the continued investment in, and management and promotion of, the Dublin Enterprise Zone. Fingal County Council is committed to business and the Dublin Enterprise Zone’s proven track record of success continues to attract foreign direct investment and domestic investment alike. The Dublin Enterprise Zone provides a quality location for doing business and a superb quality of life for employees.

>Infrastructure such as roads, water, drainage, electricity, gas, telecommunications and broadband are all available.

>Blanchardstown is home to Ireland’s leading Shopping, Leisure & Retail Park Destination - the Blanchardstown Centre which offers a unique shopping & leisure experience and is home to over 180 stores, 3 Retail Parks and 25 Restaurants.

>The Dublin Enterprise Zone is also located in an area that provides a wide range of public parks and golf courses.  Fingal Tourism.

>Quality homes are available in great locations at affordable prices while health needs are met by numerous acute hospitals in the Dublin Region. Families can also enjoy high quality community facilities, sports clubs, parks and playgrounds.

>Fingal is steeped in culture and a vast array of events are run throughout the year including craft and country fairs, art and photographic exhibitions, historical lectures and heritage festivals, ballet performances and musical recitals, horticultural shows, family fun days and farmers markets and regattas.

>The Draíocht Centre in Blanchardstown has a 400 seat theatre and one of the largest performance stages in Ireland. This popular arts centre caters for all aspects of local, national and international artistic activity – from drama, musicals and dance to exhibitions, concerts including children’s events.

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