November 22, 2017

ESB Innovation Strategy

ESB Networks intend to deliver a world class electricity network into the future, centered around the needs of their customers and Ireland.

ESB Networks

ESB Networks have recently launched their Innovation Strategy. It sets out how they will meet the challenges of the changing energy landscape, deploying new technology, engineering, and innovation tools to facilitate the transition to a low carbon future. They have developed one of the most progressive electricity networks in the world. It is through innovation that they intend to develop a future electricity network which empowers their customers, delivers value for money and provides a sustainable energy system for everyone.

ESB Networks designed eight roadmaps to continue to drive change and deliver an electricity network for the future. These roadmaps focus on connecting renewables, boosting customer engagement, further developing the electrification of heat and transport, optimising the current network infrastructure, creating flexibility within the network, making the network more resilient, driving operational excellence across the organisation.

The innovation strategy includes investment in state-of-the-art control centres in Dublin and Cork; investment in line sensors, fault indicators, augmented reality and 3D laser scanning to help control the network and repair faults remotely. As part of the Innovation Strategy ESB Networks is optimising its networks assets to connect to new homes and businesses such as data centres – new connections are predicted to increase by 70% over the next 5 years. They will also grow the connection of renewables systems like wind and solar, enabling them to play an ever-bigger role in how we generate electricity.

ESB Networks will oversee €4.8 billion in capital and operational investment. It will invest €291million in new connections, which are set to rise by 70% over next the five years. It will also invest €313 million to reinforce increased demand from large customers.

It is committed to playing a leading role in enabling Ireland’s transition to a low carbon energy future, powered by clean energy.

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