November 3, 2017

Benchmarking Dublin's Competitiveness

A special report on the relative competitiveness of the Dublin and National economies in an international context.

650 x 325

Following a number of years of difficult economic conditions, the Irish and Dublin economies have recovered to rank amongst the most competitive in Europe. Business costs in the capital remain relatively low, while the labour market has improved and contributed to high levels of value added per capita.

In 2017 the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook ranked Ireland in 6th position in its international benchmarking exercise of national economies. Ireland is now the second most competitive economy in the European Union, performing extremely well in attracting FDI.

Bryan Coughlan Policy Analyst in Fingal County Council has devised a report on Benchmarking Dublin’s Competitiveness, taking the following into account; macroeconomic environment, cost competitiveness and the knowledge economy. 

“The regional and national economies have experienced a significant improvement in their relative competitiveness over the past few years which is reflected in the high levels of job creation we are seeing. Dublin’s relatively low business costs, high levels of talent and skills, and strong macroeconomic environment combine to make the City region one of Europe’s premier destinations for FDI", said Coughlan.

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